Fans are locked to max speed, very noisy, please help

Hello everybody,

My computer started to act weird a few weeks ago, making a lot of noise.

It turned out it was my Nvidia GT760 fans spinning to max speed (from login screen precisely). I’am unable to make them go slower. Temperature is detected by Nvidia X server settings, but speed is not in Thermal settings and Fan 0 Speed is greyd out.

GPU Temperature is low, but noise is very high. It’s my main work desktop and my ears are being destroyed, please help.

What I tried:

  • Changed to older kernels: no go, fans maxed out
  • switch to nouveau driver: fans act normally
  • run from live CD: fans act normally
  • tried different ubuntu Nvidia drivers (340,415,435): no go, fans are maxed out

I’m running ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

Any ideas on what I could do is welvomed.
I’m not even sure this is software or hardware problem. If happend a few days after I clean my computer case, so maybe I damaged something? But then again, why would other drivers keep the fans in control where Nvidias own drivers can’t ?

Ok, I solved my problem.

One of the two fans was stuck and not spinning, forcing the other one to compensate by going full speed.
A gentle push on the fan to make it start, and the problem was solved.