GPUDirect RDMA on Jetson TX1?

According to: GPUDirect RDMA is available on both Tesla and Quadro GPUs.

Is GPUDirect RDMA possible on Jetson TX1?

I’ve never used GPUDirect before, but from that URL’s description it isn’t possible for a JTX1 (or a JTK1) to work with GPUDirect. The problem is that on a Jetson the GPU is not connected via the PCIe bus, it’s connected directly to the memory controller instead. Though there is a PCIe bus, no PCIe features will ever touch the GPU, and GPUDirect depends on PCI features.

Thanks for your reply! I am working on creating a PCIe connection between the Jetson TX1 and an Altera Cyclone V GT FPGA Development board. Even though the RDMA will not work it should be possible to get PCIe connection to work according to

The analog to GPUDirect on integrated Tegra is CUDA ZeroCopy memory. On Tegra this is where the CPU and GPU are mapped to the same memory and can be accessed without memory copies. See here for an example -

If possible, you will want your FPGA to DMA to the same ZeroCopy memory that the GPU has access to.

Thanks for your reply! Sounds as a good approach