Graphic driver is not compatible with windows

When I tried to install CUDA toolkit 8.0, I failed at the system check step. It showed that “This NVIDIA graphic driver is not compatible with this version of Windows.”

I have already updated my Windows 10 and GeForce GTX 960M driver to the latest version: 1607 and 378.92 respectively but still can’t get through.

I found lots of similar case when google it, but they didn’t solve my question.

Any helps would be appreciated.

which installer are you using?

Is it



If you are using that installer, and you have windows 10, and you already have the 379.92 driver loaded and running on your GTX 960M, you should be able to use that installer but deselect the option to install the driver. The 378.92 driver will work with that toolkit.

Yes it is cuda_8.0.61_win10.exe but I didn’t find anywhere to deselect the install driver option. Could you please providing some more details?

Hi @txbob,

When the installer return the “not compatible” error, there is only one button asking me to close the installer and I could not find any other options. I saw some other thread saying that there are two options, one is continue the other one is close, but that didn’t happen on my unit.

I have also attached a screenshot to help me explain my question.

I am having the same problem (on a deadline) and it’s really pissing me off. In linux you can deselect the driver install, in windows I cannot, and I cannot even bypass it from the command line install…

seriously NVIDIA, wake up.

I am experiencing the same exact problem with a new GeForce 1050 4GB (for lptps).
Each combination of OS, TF (for my purpose) and GPU, a different problem.
Really annoying.

Solved. Re-downloaded and verified cuda and win versions, uninstalled driver using DDU, installed again, install cuda_8.0.61_win10.exe now allows to continue. Selected only cuda portion in custom installation. Works fine. Good luck!