GRID K2 Horizon View + Zero Client on Dell Ultrasharp Monitor 3415w

GRID K2 screen goes on an off using zero client


I have this strange problem when using GRID K2 profiles on a Dell Ultrasharp 3415w which the native resolution is 3440x1440.

I am using VMware Horizon 7.0 with P45 zero clients from Dell. The problem is the following :

When I want to use the GRID K2 GPU, the monitor keeps flickering, goes on and off every second so I cannot do anything.

If I use the onboard Matrox card on my dell poweredge servers I can operate no problems at the native resolution of the monitor going through the same devices. If I change my monitor to a standard one, then GRID works just fine.

Something is definitely wrong, it seems to me that the resolution view is sending over the PCOIP is not synching with the monitor.

Is there a way to change the maximum resolution of the GRID profiles to have my 3440x1440 or actually force view to send a resolution I know my monitor can handle ?

Thanks much appreciated.

You’re exceeding the maximum resolution supported for vGPU on the K2.

For resolutions greater that 2560x you can configure the K2 in passthrough.
If you require vGPU for higher densities, then the newer GRID release would give you that resolution using a 1GB profile on virtual Workstation edition.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your reply.

when you mention newer GRID release, do you mean new GRID software or new GRID boards such as the Tesla M60?

Would you have a link for configuring the K2 in passthrough?



To set up pass-through on a K2 in vSPhere - you need to use the vDGA setup for appropriate version of VMware: e.g.

Yes, it’s the new boards: the various vGPU profiles are listed in the user guide doc along with resolutions supported: and resolutions for each vGPU profile/number of monitors. This is on main GRID page under resources tab and then the dropdown section “Deployment Guides”

Yes. GRID 2.0 on M60/6 supports resolutions up to 4K in virtual workstation edition.

There’s a guide to configuring vDGA on Horizon 6 in the doc linked below, the process is the same for Horizon 7

Our support org have published a KB article around this which includes information on how to find which vGPU profiles support which resolutions such as 4K

Thank you for taking the time to report this and I hope this helps others ongoing.

Best wishes,

Rachel and Jason,

thank you very much for your prompt support. I have successfully been able to display the high resolution on my Dell Ultrasharp using vDGA as recommended by Jason. It works great but one thing is still a mystery for me:

If I want to use vGPU with a lower resolution that is supported by the monitor say 2560x1440, how can I force this resolution being push by Horizon View agent on the virtual machine to my zero client Dell Wyse Teracidi2 that connects the monitor ?

Also on a monitor that supports 2560x1600 I can get the native resolution displayed through my Wyse Zero client properly, but how can I lower this resolution if I would want to have 1920x1080? When logged on to my workstation, I cannot change the resolution from windows, it says it is controlled by my administrator and if I try to change it using Nvidia control panel, the options are available, it switches the resolution to the desired one, the monitor syncs with new resolution but then goes back to the native resolution that is recommended. I have tried the GPO from view agent adm and it does not work.

Any ideas?

Thank you :)


You can’t you can only set this resolution at the client side for the local display. It’s not possible to set a different resolution in the VM and then have this scaled on the client.

It’s a Windows GPO and may also be in the configuration of the Zero Client.

I’d speak to whomever configured the workstation and the zero client and get all display restrictions removed.

I’m aware Citrix have some limitations (partly Microsoft OS imposed) - right at the end of this article: - so it maybe VMware have similar limitations and you might want to talk to them about need.

Many admins want control over resolution to control bandwidth usage so you might hit political as well as technological gremlins :-/ Just some backgorund info really…

The display resolutions can be forced from the Zero Client Options->User Settings->Display Topology page available before you connect the Zero Client to the session. Or the Management Console has similar capabilities to set these remotely.

Thank you for helping Randy! :-D

Hi everyone.

There are multiple ways of doing that when using zero clients from Teracidi and the most efficient is indeed setting up profiles using the Magement Console (MC) from Teradici (Thanks Randy) which hard codes all the settings possible for a PCoIP sessions variables as long as View is told to use the image client settings. Using the Teradici MC is much more convenient than managing via GPOs.

I will have a questions that kills regarding vDGA and K2 performance. Should I start a new thread ?

Thank you

A new thread is good! Means people find the title and groups similar questions together! Long threads with mulitple issues a nightmare to trawl through :-D