GRID SDK can't create IFROGL session


I’m working on NVIDIA GRID K2 card and I’m trying to use GRID SDK to capture my render to H.264 format.
I success with executing MyDX10IFR_AsyncH264Encode but I’m rather interresting in OpenGL.

My problem is that, OpenGL IFR samples executed on the same card ends with error:

Failed to create a NvIFROGL session
This hardware does not support NvIFR.

Can someone help me?

Please provide nvidia-bug-report by running script as root user. The will collect information about your system and create the file ‘nvidia-bug-report.log.gz’ in the current directory. Also make sure only GRID SDK supported GPU’s are connected in system.

Thank you for your answer.
The OpenGLIFR is working now.
I connected only GRID K2 card to my system and now both directX and OpenGL IFR API works.

piotr65536, Which OS you are running Linux or Windows?
Does it mean DX10IFR_AsyncH264Encode executed without error even unsupported GPU’s connected in system and only OpenGL IFR samples fails on this setup?

But if you connected all grid sdk supported GPU’s in system both OpenGL IFR samples and DX10IFR Samples running fine?

Got offline message from piotr65536:


DirectX Encoding API needs a compatible device too.
I’m working remotely on Windows 7 which have a system graphic card and GRID K2 connected.

I always have too disabling other non GRID K2 cards in Windows device manager so that DX10IFR_AsyncH264Encode can find my GRID K2 as a compatible device.
But I struggling with problem that OpenGL IFR API couldn’t find my GRID K2 and only DirectX API working.

I recently bought special computer which have integrated Intel graphic card and connected GRID K2 to it. My new computer’s BIOS always disable Intel card when GRID is present so that Windows see only GRID K2.
With this setup both OpenGL and DirectX IFR are working fine.


I had the same error:

Failed to create a NvIFROGL session
This hardware does not support NvIFR.

But running on a GTX 960 GeForce card.
I thought that Maxwell GPU could handle 1 to 2 NVENC encoding H264 streams.

Am I wrong somewhere?