Gst-nvdspreprocess set roi as input for pgie

I use Gst-nvdspreprocess set roi as input for detector ,however the objects out of the ROI still be detected


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GPU RTX3090 Deepstream 6.1 TensorRT8.0.1 CUDA11.4

I refer to build pipeline ,when i run the pipeline encountered an error:

ERROR: nvdsinfer_backend.cpp:302 Failed to enqueue buffer in fulldims mode because binding idx: 0 with batchDims: 1x3x368x640 is not supported
ERROR: nvdsinfer_context_impl.cpp:1713 Infer context enqueue buffer failed, nvinfer error:NVDSINFER_INVALID_PARAMS
0:00:04.672214318 16826 0x7f64ca3ef400 WARN nvinfer gstnvinfer.cpp:1996:gst_nvinfer_process_tensor_input: error: Failed to queue input batch for inferencing

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nvdspreproccess’s newtwok-input-shape should be same with model’s input shape.

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