Gstreamer that returns an RGB stream

Hi all

In all the examples I’ve found using nvarguscamerasrc (e.g. NanoCam) to pipe an image from a CSI camera into opencv, they use BGRx and BGR videoconvert tools. However, as soon as I have that image, I convert it into an RGB image for inference. Does anyone have a pipeline string that provides the data in RGB format so I can avoid this conversion?

Many thanks

Hi jimwormold,

OpenCV uses BGRx/BGR to manipulate images (RGB format may be supported but I’m not sure).

In a similar case from our projects, I remember that I had to use BGR/BGRx to pass process images using OpenCV (some text/figures overlays).

We also used inference in that project and loaded models required RGB as input colorspace.

We manually handled the color channels in the incoming image to support RGB in the plugin but internally we switched channels to convert RGB to BGR/BGRx (expected format by OpenCV).

Just in case, here are some pipelines that may help in your case:

Greivin F.

Please also refer to

Due to capability of hardware VIC engine, we suggest use RGBA and BGRx. If you would like to use BGR, please leverage CUDA for conversion.