GSync doesn't work on Antergos + GNOME (driver 415.18), all applications fall back to blitting

All games tested with Graphics API Visual Indicator switched on show a red “BLIT” indicator, GSync indicator doesn’t show up. Not sure if it’s an issue with mutter not redirecting fullscreen windows, something in the config, or the driver.

Single screen setup, HP Omen 35, GTX 1080 Ti. Gnome Shell/Mutter 3.30.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (721 KB)

Oddly I’m getting this issue also with 418.30 with Gnome and Mutter on my desktop pc, no second monitor connected and with 1080ti…

I resolved my issue by installing gnome-shell-performance and mutter-781835-workaround in the AUR and now they allow flipping mode, perhaps there was something else I did but pretty sure it was those two packages that resolved the problem for me.

PS. This was with 418.30 driver btw.


Already had the mutter workaround but installing the gnome-shell-performance package did the trick. Thanks!

Yeah real shame that dual monitor support isn’t a thing, nor does it work with window mode or fullcompospipeline, quite limited compared to how well it works under windows. Would have been nice if linux had fast sync…