GTX 1080 h264_nvenc No NVENC capable devices found


Here is my system configuration
Ubuntu 18.04
GTX 1080
Driver Version : 418.87
CUDA Version : 10.1
FFMPEG Version : 4.2

I have been using FFMPEG 3.3 with CUDA 8 under Ubuntu for a couple of years now.
I recently created a new build using Source of 4.2 with CUDA 10.1.
When encoding Video using h264_nvenc I get the error “No NVENC capable devices found”
However I am able to encode using hevc_nvenc just fine.


Hi Junaid,
Can you generate the ffmpeg verbose/debug logs to see if that provide any insights as what could be going wrong? I recommend trying latest 435.21 driver as well with that.
Can you provide the exact command line you use? Is issue specific to certain h264 clip(s) or you see this across multiple clips?