nvEncodeAPI.h not found.

While tryiny to install the latest ffmpeg that support “nvenc” , i got the following message after runnnig “configure” : ERROR: nvEncodeAPI.h not found.
I have a geforce 210 with 1 GB DDR3 with 16 Cuda cores . my question is simple : When i have so much cores that no serve to use the nvencoding capabilities, why are we using a computing in the 21 Century ?
Thank you

PS : i will not buy an anotha nvidia Card untill i get good and humble support for my Geforce 210 .

Hey !

I get the same problem,i installed the NVENC SDK 5.0 but when i try to compile ffmpeg with it (./configure --enable-nonfree --enable-nvenc) i get ERROR: nvEncodeAPI.h not found
this file is in the NVENC SDK, i dont know if i must move it or … ?

I think that ffmpeg is probably looking for that header file in a place like /usr/include.

Anyways, you are complaining that your 6 year old low end card doesn’t support a feature that was relesed for the 600 series in 2012? I don’t even…
NVENC does not use your cuda cores, it uses dedicated video encoding hardware present on the 600 series and above.

Yes, you need to copy the header from the SDK to /usr/include or /usr/local/include.

thank you philipl for your help .