GTX 280 shuts down !

I run CUDA with the GTX 280 …

When it starts , it runs successfully…
Then I control the keyboard to adjust some datas ,
and the CUDA program runs repeatly…

When I do it some times , the GTX shuts down !!!
I check my CUDA program , it shows all of my kernel function has no error.
I check the GTX 280 power LED , it changes the color from Green to Orange…

What’s the meaning about “Orange” Led ?

When the CUDA runs on GPU , does GPU need higher power ?
I doubts the problem is my power supply ?
but… maybe something wrong with my CUDA program…

Please help me to find the problem… Thanks!!

***************** Hardware information ****************
CPU : Core 2 Duo E 8400
Motherboard : ASUS P5Q pro
RAM : Kingston 1G * 4
GPU : GTX 280
Power supply : GIGABYTE ODIN 550w

This sounds like a power supply problem. 550W is likely insufficient for your hardware.

550 W is not enough for a SINGLE gtx280 ?!

Read THG’s measurements - overclocked system with GTX280 eats no more than 350-400W.

How 550W power supply can be not enough ?

I don’t know what THG is, or how it/they performed their measurements. However, if the LED is going from green to any other color, then the card isn’t receiving sufficient power.

On top of that, the wattage “rating” on most power supplies is a poor way of judging their actual performance. Nor is it the only spec of the PSU that matters when it comes to powering a GTX 280 (see also: amps).

Toms Hardware Guide ;)

That PSU doesn’t give an 8 pin PCIe power plug.

Did you hack it with an adapter?

The 280GTX needs BOTH an 8 pin AND a 6 pin power plug to be used.

BTW, adapters can work, but they aren’t recommended. My own machine uses TWO adapters and I know I’m breaking the rules.
If you are using an adapter, CHECK IT, make sure it’s NOT using the same PSU lines as the other line, make sure the adapter itself is making good contact on both ends.

The PSU has good ratings, so I bet you’re just dealing with cable issues.

The GTX 280 has the translater to get the 8 pin (12V *2 IN -> 8 pin out)
Today I test the power…
That’s the main reason that GTX 280 doesn’t work normally…
I need to change the 550W -> higher watt…

how sad … >.<

Thanks~ everyone!! :)

You might try just checking that adapter… make sure it’s plugged in both ends firmly. And also try using different 12V connectors… if the ones you’re using are on the same rail (or worse, the same CABLE) you could be current limited just from that.

550W is probably enough unless you have more than one GPU, or 8 cores of CPUs or 5 harddrives or something.

If the GPU is already using 400W, the 150W “left” wouldn’t be enough to power much of the system…

No, a GTX 280 uses 236W, according to wikipedia.

Anyway, what’s important is that the way PSUs deliver power is convoluted. It’s more complicated than simply adding up all the watts. (Read up on rails and amps-per-voltage.) And that’s IF the PSU can even handle exactly what it says on the box, which is a big if.

Alex is exactly right… you have to look at the way the PSU delivers the power and make sure not to overload just one of its “rails”. Also, it’s easy to have a loose connector…

A name-brand 550W like the Gigabyte should have the power, it’s just a matter of cabling, usually.

A whole SYSTEM with a 280GTX and CPU at full load is about 300W, measured from the wall socket, which is only about 240W for the PSU.