GTX 470 getting too hot? I heard that the GTX 470 GPUs get very hot...

Hi there,

I hope this is the right forum for this and I hope this question hasn’t been posted before.

I want to buy myself a new PC and it will also be used to run CUDA-powered software and hopefully to develop some CUDA-applications (besides development of normal/webapplications and probably some gaming). So it will be a definite use case for this system to run with all CPUs and the GPU on 100% for some hours… I read that the GTX 470 tends to get very hot. So I would like to know if anybody here has experience with this GPU or could recommend me a “retail” version of the GTX 470 that has a very good cooler. (I’m especially concerned since my notebook just shuts itself down after 4 minutes of 100% usage…)

Oh my Budget for the whole PC is around 1000€

Furthermore I’d appreciate any kind of tip concerning the following topics (though I guess this is not the right forum so I don’t expect an answer but would appreciate an answer):

  • intel i7 870 vs. AMD 6 core
  • a good mainboard (for the corresponding processor)
  • a good cooler
  • RAM (32 Bit vs. 64 Bit) - I currently don’t see the usecase for me for more than 4GB RAM.

Thanks in advance for any tip and advice!