GTX Cards Down-Clocking ?

I’m running the BOINC Projects with 17 GTX 200 Series Video Cards at the Moment, the problem I’m having at the site is some of my GTX Cards reset themselves to 300/Core & 400/Memory in as little as a few minutes to up too 3-4 hr’s or longer. What this does is cause the Wu’s to either Hang and not progress as they should or just give an error such as a Computation Error.

I’ve tried various supposed fixes and different NVIDIA Drivers, 185.85 thru 190.40 BETA so far but end up with the same thing on certain cards, they still will down-clock themselves eventually. I’m running XP Pro SP2 64-Bit OS’s on all Box’s I have along with Intel Q6600 CPU’s, any suggestions or fix’s would be helpful with this Problem.

Almost the same problem here, but on a XP Pro 32-Bit, needs a new driver to fix it?

Yup, figured that, posted in the Drivers Section too trying to Poke NVIDIA a little bit into doing something about it … :thumbup:

This Problem still hasn’t been fixed on certain GTX Series 200 NVIDIA Cards nor has a fix been included in the 2 Windows XP Driver Versions that have come out since I last Posted here about this. The fix is in the Vista & up Drivers but the XP Users have been Thrown Under the Bus I guess on this Issue. Thanks NVIDIA, I own 17 NVIDIA GTX Series 200 Cards but in the future ATI will be seeing more of my Money …

Any chance that behaviour is triggered by a screen-saver or some “power saving” setting kicking in?
I noticed one morning that my pair of GTX 295’s were running unexpectedly cool… until I moved the
mouse and they jumped back to full speed. System is XP64 on i7.

I don’t use a Screen saver or any type of Power Saving Setting on any of my Box’s … The only way I can get the Card back to full speed is to Reboot the Computer and wait for it to Down Clock again. With the 190.62 Drivers it would go to 300 Core & 400 memory, with the newly released 191.03 Drivers it’s worse yet, the speeds drop to 300 Core & 100 Memory …

I feel your pain… 2 months… 6 different driver versions…
GTX 260’s and GTX275 will not return to 2D mode unless I use the 191.07 drivers and they show the temps all screwed up. also they only worked on the 275 card they made the 260 go nuts, I mean nuts… had to format could not even get rid of the issue.
The 190.62 driver shows temps but the card will not return to 2D mode after entering 3D mode.
as is the same with the several previouse driver versions.
This is not new this is not our hardware this is a driver problem that has needed corrected for a very long time.
The forums all over are full of posts about this and nothing has been done.
Not 1 but 4 different GTX260’s and a GTX275 no srry Nvidia its not the card malfunctioning its the drivers.
Not a fanboy But i have used Nvidia exclusivly for many years :thumbsdown: and really am suprised by this lack of response across the board.

No news? :thumbsdown:

That issue is caused by a short brief driver crash and recover. It will cause the GPU to down clock into 2D mode from 3D mode and get stuck there. A reboot promptly fixes the issue. This is a known issue and nvidia is aware of it. Reverting to an earlier driver set may cure it, but many just used a overclocking utility to slightly downclock the card and it gets stable and wont happen. Good luck guys hope yall find a work around.

Darn. I found this thread after I posted a new one. Is there really no workaround which not involves using tuners, clocking tools and so on?