GUI for CUDA ...


I am currently trying to develop a software which collects data from a PCI card and which is then copied to GPU for calculations and openGL rendering. Currently I am using VS 2010 C++ for the GUI. My questions is: Is there a way to write a GUI that runs on the GPU only. Currently I have to copy calculated data back from GPU to CPU so as to update the labels and text box values on the GUI. I wan to develop a GUI which runs as a whole on on the GPU so that I do not have to copy any data back from GPU to CPU, but only copy the initial data from PIC card to the GPU. If not in VS, is it possible by using some other platform like Qt or anything like that? Ir is ti possible that computation and graphics is still taken care of by the GPU and the GUI resides on CPU memory but the labels and texts can be directly updated without having to copy data from device to host?

Any help is appreciated.