GUI for CUDA Apps help me choose the best


I need to create a OpenGL visualization GUI for my CUDA application. What would you recommend? I was thinking about Windows Forms / WPF, but it’s quite awful. WinForms are hardy C++ at all, haven’t tried WPF yet, but my guess is that it’s probably even harder to get an OpenGL context… Moreover I have read that’s it’s nearly no way of using CUDA in the same project as WinForm/WPF (not even for Managed C++).

So now I am thinking: either a go with Qt, or something easy: C# or Java simply calling the CUDA executable via standard i/o…

What do you think?

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If you’re looking for something quick & easy, I’d suggest GLUI (OpenGl User Interface). It’s implemented on top of OpenGl, so should be portable.

What about other possibilities?

I realize this is ancient and not cross platform, but I still use MFC for GUI stuff. It’s quick and easy, and works well with CUDA.

wxWidgets is another option. There are also a few GUI design tools for it like wxFormBuilder.