GUI stuck using Qt 5.12.8 on Orin platform(Jetpack 5.0.2 GA)

I’m using Qt 5.12.8 to develop a GUI program on Orin platform. When runnig the program for a period of time, the GUI stuck and I can not do anything with the GUI. Then I ssh to the machine and dump the error log using dmesg command, I got the error attached. Please help look at this issue. Thanks.
60hz.txt (134.9 KB)

This would need other users to share experience.

There are topics about QT on Jetpack 4:
PySide2 (Qt for python) installation on Jetson Xavier - #5 by Muscle_Oliver
Jetson Nano and Qt5 - #2 by WayneWWW
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Please take a look and see if it helps.

It seems those topics can not help to solve my issue. From the log I provided, my issue was related to GPU. Any GPU expert can help?

If you feel like it is an issue in our driver, please check the samples and see if you can reproduce it with either sample:


For using QT, would need other users to share experience.

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