Guide to enable KVM on the Xavier

Hello all,

Reading through the Xavier SoC TRM I noticed that there were a few mentions of virtualization support.
Over the weekend I decided to experiment with enabling KVM virtualization, and my experiment was a success! :-)

If you’re interested in enabling KVM for your Xavier, you can follow a guide I have written here.

For best results, I would recommend using qemu >=5.0 as it has added support for ARMv8.1 and ARMv8.2 extensions.

Here’s a screenshot of Fedora 31 running with virgl-backed virtio-gpu:

Have fun!


Cool! Thanks for your sharing to the community!

Hello mckenzba,

I configured and built qemu-system-aarch64 v5.1.50. I also made changes to the L4T kernel as you suggested in the above link. However, I couldn’t get the virtual machine created. I am using virt-manager but it fails with the newer qemu-system-aarch64.

Can you please share various .img files you might have used with the qemu-system-aarch64 command and the command itself in order to create the VM? I am new to the KVM/QEMU and also, I couldn’t find a working solution anywhere over the internet.

If Someone looking here, please pay attention to the up-to-date DTB flash method for your own board. I have struggled days on it, just find DTB is original one. After using the -r -k kernel-dtb mmcblk0p1 , I can see the KVM init successfully

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