HairWorks wrong shading normal with left hand y-up conversion

I’m integrating HairWorks into my company’s Engine, which uses a Left Hand, Y-Up coordinate system, when I use this conversion combination, shading normal seems wrong on some spot.

when I use other conversion combinations, every thing seems fine.

I uses hairworks 1.2.1, and I didn’t do anything except loading asset, creating instance and rendering it.

How to reproduce:

Load my file into one of NVidia’s sample project (all of which uses LH Y-UP),
and output “NvHair_ShaderAttributes.N / 2 + 0.5” will yield similar result.

wrong normal:!AlluoglYGGHYktoytc6ge1LrCLQ30w!AlluoglYGGHYktozZNTdq8UfWoqKhg

correct normal when I use right hand z-up:!AlluoglYGGHYkto0WiCRrbRp3fG9hQ

some of my files:!AlluoglYGGHYkto2bk0hMrKZbo1Qyg!AlluoglYGGHYkto1umH6vRzIEZpVdg

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