Hairworks veiwport bug

Hi I’m using hairworks 1.1 with windows 8.1 64 and a NVidia GTS980 graphics card. When I open a scene file, clear scene, open a demo file, open a furproj, fbx file, doesn’t matter, the viewport tumbles and I can’t get it to stop. It rotates from the second the program opens and never stops. I can still zoom in and out and move around in the viewport but the rotation never stops. You can see the rotation by looking at the axis, and of course the grid. I’ve tried hitting all the buttons in the player, switching input from maya to max, unplugged my Wacom, restarting my computer, and deleting the extracted files and re- extracting them.

additional information,
in the output window it prints the following:

NVIDIA HairWorks Version v1.1.0

INFO: HairWorks SDK initialized OK
manual-build.WIN764BU-78C12E.Mon 05/18/2015. 0:21:51.67.x64.release
Axis changes: 3 32767

is the last line in there related to the rotation in the viewport, or is that always there?

I need to use this software for some dev work. Any insight into how to get the viewport to stop rotating would be amazing!

Thank you in advance!

Hi this has been resolved. I had to unplug my keyboard, restart, plug the keyboard back in and it was fine. It was like it had a stuck key in that program only.
***Please see my other post as I am still having issues with hairworks .apx export from maya

it is dropping more than 2/3 of my guide curves as export. I’m using shave to create the guides so it only places one guide per vertice. I’m not sure where the discrepancy is coming from.