Hardware accelerated flashplayer video green screen | 349.12

I’m using a Dell Latitude E6430 with a NVIDIA NV5200M, running Xubuntu 14.10 with kernels 3.19.3 and 4.0.0 RC5.

When i have a external monitor attached to my laptop via HDMI and prime is set to use the NVS5200M and i play flash video on my laptop’s screen in Firefox (e.g. Youtube), the video won’t show. When i move the mouse over the video window / frame the videoframe turns green.

After dragging the Browserwindow to the second display (the external monitor that is) the video will play and render just fine on the external monitor.

When hardware acceleration in Adobe Flash Player is turned off, Flash video’s are rendered normally, regardless of (monitor) configuration. The same goes for running on laptop monitor only and when the Intel HD 4000 Graphics are used.

This problem manifests itself on kernel 3.19.3 and 4.0-RC5 (i haven’t tried other kernels), oh and before i forget to mention it: i’m using the NVIDIA 349.12 Linux beta driver installed from the Xorg-Edgers PPA.

What if HDMI display is not connected to system? And also AccelMethod is removed or added uxa ? Is any other nvidia driver helped to resolve this issue?

If the HDMI display is not connected to the system everything works fine.

I reported this issue so it can be fixed in further driver updates.

I don’t quite understand the following:
“And also AccelMethod is removed or added uxa ?”

I see in your xorg.conf file Option “AccelMethod” “SNA” , What is your observations if you set Option “AccelMethod” “UXA” ?