Hardware compatibility - Cuda +Ubuntu ASUS MB


Can someone please confirm this below configuration is supported? Wanted to avoid any future driver issues after the purchase.

OS: Ubuntu 14.04
MB: ASUS So2011-v3 X99-E WS
Graphics Card: nVIDIA Titan XP Pascal 12GB GDDR5X PCIe
Cuda toolkit : 7.5 or 8


Hi Raju,

I don’t see any reason as to why this setup wouldn’t work. When you say you are using the Titan XP, do you mean the Titan X (Pascal edition) or the actual Titan Xp? The use of XP was common terminology before the Xp release to differentiate between the Maxwell and Pascal cards, so it’s not super clear to me which you are using.

If you are using a standard Titan X, then you should be fine with the latest long-lived branch (375.xx) and above. If it’s the Xp, you’ll need to use the 381.xx+ drivers (support was added in the 381 beta).

For CUDA development, don’t bother with 7.5, you’ll need/want 8 for these cards.

Hi Omento,

Thanks for details. We are planning to buy Titan X (Pascal edition) so will go for the 381.xx+ drivers.