Hardware decoding in mpv player

I am not able to get hardware decoding working with mpv package available on ubuntu.
Is it possible to get mpv working with hardware decoding on nano ?

Not in mpv. Gstreamer works using nvidia’s plugins. Otherwise I don’t know of any players.

Search for the latest nvidia “accelerated gstreamer users guide” for examples.

Supposedly Nvidia is coming with more support so more players will work.

For now, gstreamer will get the job done for you, and if you follow the gstreamer tutorials, you can also use it write your own player featuring hw decode.

Thanks mdegans for your response

Since mpv is ffmpeg based and thanks to https://github.com/jocover/jetson-ffmpeg it is easy to compile ffmpeg with nvmpi hardware video decoding, it should be possible. But it is not clear how to make mpv to take advantage of nvmpi. Perhaps somebody have any idea how to do this, is it necessary to implement something in mpv to add nvmpi support, or perhaps there is a command line option to force it use specific ffmpec decoder?

I know gstremear can be used instead, but this is more of workaround than solution - unlike gstremear, mpv is full-featured video player.

Official ffmpeg support has been announced (for next release, I think), so you may wish to wait for that. If you want a simple player that will play just about anything, gst-play-1.0 will work.

As far as mostly full featured players go, totem is gstreamer based. While it has some reported issues with some videos, it does appear to prefer Nvidia’s hardware decoder elements in the pipelines it creates.