Having trouble getting RTX Video Enchantments to work

I’m having trouble getting RTX Video Enchantments to work,

Now, I have asked why might I have this issue to the Nvidia support live chat agent “Kiran” and they suggested that I post my issue here.

Firstly the video super resolution (VSR) does work on edge and VLC (RTX build), but does not work on chrome for some reason.

  • Chrome I’m using is on Version 122.0.6261.112 (Official Build) (64-bit), is the latest build as of the time I’m posting this.

  • Use graphics acceleration when available option is enabled.

  • I have also tried to use a chrome profile with all extensions disabled, and VSR still would not activate.

  • Also I’ve set both chrome.exe and msedge.exe to high performance on windows graphic settings.

Secondly when I enable the HDR option, the status bar stays inactive.

  • Windows HDR option is enabled and my panel is LG’s 27GN950-B which I believe has HDR10 compatibility.

  • The support agent Kiran has suggested that it might show up as inactive but it is actually active and has said that one of their testing PCs has RTX video enchantments show inactive.

  • (Kiran: Even I check on one our testing PC, the RTX video enchantments shows inactive)
    But I haven’t been able to see the (don’t know if its the right term) tone mapping difference in HDR, even when I turn it on and off (and of course apply the changes in nvidia control panel) like in this video https://youtu.be/cNj_zAI-0xU?t=59 1:00 to 1:20 .

  • -Kiran also suggested that the RTX Video Enchantments HDR does only work in win 11 in a conversation I’ve had with them yesterday, If I remember correctly. So I can’t use it on win 10 ?

My windows 10 is up to date and I’m using latest nvidia (game ready) drivers as of the time I’m posting this, version 551.76 which I’ve downloaded from the new nvidia app.

My specs are RTX4080, Ryzen 5900X, 32 GB RAM. Also I believe my GPU’s UEFI is up to date.

I’ve also included the chat I’ve had with the support agent Kiran for relevancy.

sup chat with kiran .txt (4.9 KB)

Why might I have these issues ? Pls help me fix this issue.
Sorry if I used the wrong topic.

Hi there @addnemesis and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Usually this kind of question belongs rather in the GeForce consumer forums, but since customer help passed you on to this forum, I can try to at least give some tips.

First of all make sure to read all the answers in this quite detailed knowledge base article done by customer help: RTX Video FAQ

You said it is working in Edge but not in Chrome? What kind of test video do you use and do you see a visual difference in Edge?

I just tried it myself on a setup that should enable HDR video, but for me it works neither in Edge nor in Chrome and I will follow up with the engineering team on this.

Thanks for pointing this out!


The non-working test was on a RTX 3080 and now checking on a RTX 4080 it works for me. Same monitor, same Chrome version, same driver.

The only difference is that my 3080 is connected through Thunderbolt to a Laptop.

But I assume your 4080 is in a normal desktop PC setup, correct?

Hi Markus,
First of all I would like apologize if this is the wrong forum for posting those kinds of issues but the live chat agent suggested I post my issue here twice. If I should post my issue elsewhere could you help me out as to where please ?

I have checked out RTX Video FAQ, thats the main source of information where my ideas about the issue I’m having are based.

I have used the same youtube videos(720p, my panel is 4k) for both edge and chrome for my tests. I saw more clear images on edge compared to the chrome counterpart.

Also RTX HDR status indicator was showing active only on edge, it was not active during my VLC testing, nor on chrome testing.

As for super resolution,

  • Its inactive when playing the video normally

  • When enhance button is pressed status indicator says its active.

  • RTX HDR was active when video was playing and inactive when video stopped, but it was not relevant to the enhance button.

Video is stopped and enhance button on edge is not pressed, both VSR and HDR are enabled but both are inactive:

Video is playing and enhance button on edge is not pressed, both VSR and HDR are enabled but only the HDR is active:

Video is playing and enhance button on edge is pressed, both VSR and HDR are enabled and both active:

Yes my 4080 is a desktop one, MSI VENTUS 3X if it has any relevancy.

Thanks for the details!

It is completely OK to post here, no worries.

The Active/Inactive text in the control panel is really a status indicator. If there is no HDR video playing in a focused window, it will be inactive, even if the checkbox is marked.

If you see it switch to “active” when playing a video in Edge, then the driver handles the content correctly. You will mostly see the effect in video brightness and in color vibrancy. The fact that Chrome video is not recognized has probably something to do with the integration of the feature.

Edge system settings are like this if its any relevance, any other setting other than the selected “graphics driver enchantment” option causes vsr to not activate, HDR situation is still the same though, regardless of the “preferred method of video enchantment setting” .

So, I’m mainly focused on the VSR element of my issue. Anything I can do to fix this ? Or should I just wait for an update or something ?

Right now I think the best thing to do is wait for more updates. I did not yet get clear confirmation if Widnows 10 is supported or not, so that might be one thing to consider.

So I am having a weird issue. I finally got the RTX VSR to work but currently I have noticed it is only not working on Paramount Plus content. You tube works Paramount Plus you never see it got active when playing in full screen.