HDD read write error Jetson nano


I have attached a hard disk via USB to jetson nano and record video files through gstreamer. The issue I am having is, if there is a power failure while recording the folder I am recording the files is corrupted and is not accessible. All the previous files are also not visible. I am using the lightdm os.

What can be the issue for this?

Thanks in advanced

What can be the issue

If using the original L4T Ubuntu OS, can this issue be reproduced?

Just a general comment: Although lightdm is really an X server, all Linux distributions with the ext4 filesystem will lose content from a power outage. This is the journal removing cached-but-not-written content. The consequences of not doing this is an unbootable system which has to be reinstalled, so losing those files is preferable. Imagine if you are using your desktop PC, and as normal procedure to turn it off you simply remove the power cord? The Jetson is no different, and what you really need is power backup so there is time to power down normally.

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