I am trying to use the HDMI port as an output on the TX2 in much the same way as an HDMI port is used on a camera, just video.

I have USB3 cameras plugged into the TX2, I process the frames, convert them to HDMI compatible format and then want to send them to the HDMI port - I have an HDMI video TX connected to the HDMI port of the TX2, which transmits the images to an RX which in turn is plugged into an HDMI monitor (the device is an amimon connex). I have also taken the connex out of the loop and simply plugged in a Blackmagic screen, into the TX2 HDMI port, and still nothing…?

I have disabled X (so now I don’t I see the entire Linux desktop, just text), disabled virtual consoles (SSH/debug console are active) too.

Have tried writing to /dev/fb0, tried using fbi justo to test but nothing etc etc etc

Has anybody got any ideas how to do this or do I have to do something different for the TX2?

Can you see the console text, or the X windows desktop, on the HDMI output, if you plug in the display?

If so, one option is to write a full-screen application that takes the data from your cameras and displays as a full-screen window, and then that “window” gets output over the HDMI port.

If you need 100% control over the HDMI format/data framing, then this probably won’t get you to where you need to be, but if this is for image preview or whatnot, I’m thinking this could totally work. (And you could overlay on top of the images using the GPU, too, if you wanted.)

I believe mplayer uses svgalib:

If you want to go the direct fb route, here’s a couple links that might (or might not) help: