Help me

I have an old listing written in CUDA. For sorting. Now the sorting is stopped to 2097152 series of number. I should like increase to 50.000.000 .
Is it possible ?
I am old 80 years. Old Hobbyst without experience in cuda. The program was prepared by an old friend now died…

You can sort numbers using thrust::sort

You can go up to 50,000,000

A full example code is here:

I thanks a lot, but as I written, I am not expert in CUDA.
If you want I’ll can send your my old listing that stop at 2097152 serializations and if you want you can correct the listing as requested and send me the new program in exe.
My listing (that works with a Nvidia geforce gtx9800) generate several arrays of 2097152 serialization of 5 = example 112 123 133 145 156 , sort if these 5 strings there are and give me a file of 2097152 in which are. (as file result.txt
Excuse me, for this special request , but as I already written, I am 80 years old and I am not expert in cuda.
Thanks a lot for helping.
Giuseppe Villamaina