Help on evaluation results on streaming latency on Jetson Nano


after some attempts I’ve achieved these results on g2g test:

it seems that can’t go better than this. So given edge results:

faster: 03:16:10/03:16:21
slower: 00:18:31/00:18:46

I would like to know if I’m correct when I say that first has 10ms latency and the latest 15ms so the mean is 12,5 ms?

If I’m right these are pretty much well below standard results (100ms latency in best cases), but maybe i’m not evaluating data as u do guys, since you may consider third number for ms.
Could u clarify?

thanks for support!

The result looks good and the latency may not be reduced further. As a comparison and reference, you may try this setup which uses UDP:

Jetson Nano FAQ
Q: Is there an example for running UDP streaming?

But I’m streaming over internet…is it possible via udp?

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