Help on hardware i7 fanless industrial board with NVIDIA GPU ???

Good evening. I’m in need of help about selecting an industrial i7 motherboard (fanless) with NVIDIA GPU (if possible GT9xxM) supporting Windows 10 + DDR4 memory (up to 32GB) + SATA + USB3.0 + PCIe + ethernet (RJ45) in order to run CUDA accelerated application. Most boards I’ve seen (Advantec for instance) use integrated Intel graphics or don’t meet requirements (i7, memory, etc).

I think it is unlikely that an SBC meeting all these requirements exists, the biggest obstacle would appear to be the requirement for both fanless operation and i7 + discrete GPU combo. The configuration described is similar to what one might find in a notebook, however those use fan(s).

For embedded platforms, NVIDIA offers the Tegra line, which is based on ARM processors. It sounds like that won’t work for you, because you need an x86 processor so you can run Windows?

[Later:] Would something like this work for your use case? The online information only mentions 16 GB of memory and Windows 7, probably best to contact the vendor for latest information.

Yes, the COM-Express VX017 seems to be exactly what I need. Meets the form factor, energy requirements and other project demands. Usually I’d consider to use Linux and Tegra TX would be fine but… customer requires Windows 10. Thank you a lot njuffa.