Help with setting up graphics on fedora 23

I’m using a portable OS and on my laptop it works perfectly however when I try to use it on my newly bought PC with gtx 1070 it doesn’t boot up ,I’ve isolated the issue down to a graphics driver problem but my question is how do I set up the correct gtx 1070 drivers on fedora 23 ( 4.4 kernel ) in order for the display to work . Thanks in advance

Is the “portable OS” Fedora 23? What is the NVidia card on your laptop?

In order for graphics to work on both systems you’ll have to have drivers for both adapters (laptop and PC) installed in the kernel. So what adapter is in the laptop and which on the PC?

If they are both NVidia, you may be lucky and only have to install the latest Geforce drivers.

I guess by “portable” OS you mean Fedora’s LiveDVD.

Fedora by default comes with the nouveau driver which doesn’t yet support Pascal based GPUs. It would be difficult to properly add NVIDIA drivers to LiveCD, so you should either install Fedora normally or use another LiveCD which has NVIDIA binary drivers built in.

2 follow up questions
Nvidia appears to have drivers for gtx1070 but they won’t install on my laptop ( which is the only way I can currently use the OS) as it does not have the gtx 1070 but rather has something nvidia related

secondly nouveau only recently added support for pascal gpus so how would I update it

Indeed, if you are stuck witha live CD installation, then it is probably hard to update nouveau or install the nvidia driver.
If you are willing to do a standard hard disk installation of Fedora 23, I may add that I have been using the nvidia drivers on Fedora 23 (also with a very old card), the main issue I have found is that for older cards (legacy driver 304.132) support for newer kernels is somewhat poor, although patchable.
I see that the gtx1070 is supported by the more recent drivers, so it should probably install pretty smoothly (I have it on Fedora 24).
Keep in mind that the nvidia driver is not compatible with nouveau, so you need to disable it.
Look at
In chapter 8, there is a section 8.1 “Interaction with the Nouveau Driver” which worked well for me.
I do not use nouveau, but If you are willing to keep on with nouveau and a live CD, probably the best option is to get a more recent one, like Fedora 25 live CD.