Help with uninstalling driver on arch Linux

Hi, so i’m facing realy big issues with manually installed drivers for my arch linux.
So, i downloaded driver from Linux-aarch64 (ARM64) Display Driver | 470.63.01 | Linux aarch64 | NVIDIA .
Then i finished the installation and got blank screen.
After this i figured out how to launch my laptop on integrated graphics, nut launching with nvidia one, still goes to black screen.
I did not found any tutorials or manuals across the internet, so i hope you would help me.
How to uninstall manually installed driver from this link, this info would be really helpfull.

I would just install from the arch repo. ‘Sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils nvidia-settings’

Great, but i already installed some drivers manully, and now even after reinstall through pacman, i can’t detect my HDMI, that is stick with nvidia chip. That’s why i need to uninstall those manually installed drivers.

I know its ubuntu but should be applicable for the most part, take a look at step 4

Won’t work for arch, since it does not use dpkg, anyway good try though.
For arch equivalent would be: pacman -Qs ‘nvidia’ | grep ‘[1]

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try nvidia-installer --uninstall (near the bottom)

Yes, exactly you are the hero of the day, tried to find solution 7 days or more. Thank you very much!)

You can also run nvidia-uninstall to do the same thing.