Help with vista premium 32bit install I just cant get it right.

i have a brand new (well about 2 weeks old) vista 32bit premium install with all updates.
my system specs are below.

i think i have DX10 SEPT 2008 redistributable…its either august or sept 2008.
i have the geforce 179.13 installed
when i goto start>programs>nvidia corporation>nvidia physx properties the highest physx engine = 2.81
all windows updates as of today.

now could someone tell me the exact procedure to install cuda?
note: the notes in the toolkit and sdk were not correct in the past previous installs of cuda.

i would have to get the platform sdk and change enviromental paths and i would still not be able to run all the sdk examples…the DX9 examples wouldnt work.

so basically i have a fresh install and dont want to mess it up so i figure i would come here for help.
my windows live messenger = if someone would walk me through it (cause i know i am going to have problems.) not because of me but because the install process is not perfectly documented.

here is a picture of what i have downloaded so far.

thanks for any help.

Install the toolkit. Install the CUDA SDK. Install the DX SDK if you want to build the DX9 examples. Shouldn’t be too complicated.

dont you think i have tried that 10x already?

you know just as well as i do there are all kinds of paths to setup.

so right there its even more then you just said.

the DX SDK…what do you mean by that?

the platform SDK?

ok which one would that be there are like 3 different ones just for 32bit?

see this is what im talking about…unless you are an expert you dont stand a chance.

the install guide sucks for noobs.

No, I meant exactly what I said–the DirectX SDK.…&DisplayLang=en

i have previously installed both the DX SDK and the OPENGL SDK

so i know your one line link to get CUDA installed for me will not work.

certainly you can provide more then just a link for all my problems to be washed away with installing DX SDK…which i have tried before.

what i dont get is why everyone is so reluctant to post EXACTLY how their system configuration currently was before they installed CUDA (like i clearly stated what mine was above) and EXACTLY the components required and EXACTLY the order…

if someone would take the time to do this ONE TIME and make it a sticky…i bet the CUDA community would actually grow instead of having the same people here day in and day out…except maybe a few that stop by and read a couple things here and then leave.

if you really want to try and make cuda grow and you truely want to help some other people that are intrested about installing CUDA and doing some beginner programming then PLEASE take the time for a FULL PROOF way to get the VISTA 32BIT CUDA to install and actuallly work with some very simple basic instructions.

then i can goto IRC.FREENODE.NET and join a “C” programming channel and continue some live help there and of course google for programming information.