Hi All, I have quary about BGP failover. We have spine-leaf arch. There is interconnect between spine. each spine have service provider connection. servers are connected in leaf. we had configured vrrp setup in spine switch for server.

For external connection using BGP .

each customer having dual connection with ISP. we want to do automation if one ISP doing maintenance the traffic move to secondary switch (spine).

Please share if any script or documentation or idea.

Do you have iBGP neighbors between the spines which are sharing the ISP’s routes among the spines? The traffic will failover to whichever ISP connection is advertising routes. To induce a maintenance of one ISP connection, change the local preference of the routes (or have the ISP change the MED) so that all the spines prefer one ISP link’s routes over the others. You can also disable the BGP neighbor during a maintenance of one ISP if the routes are learned through the other spines.