Hi there, I'm new in Cumulus and need to configure access with user, the switch has access via private key and work nice. But we want to have an alternative way to access the switch. I seek docs but don't see anything concrete.

I also want to “activate” if possible, the “web access” but without make it.

Anyone helps me?


Hello Israel

If you are running cumulus OS, once you login with a private key, you should be able to create a user and add it to the sudoers group and depending on NCLU permission level, to the netshow (no changes) and netedit (changed permitted) groups. This is the standard debian (Linux) method to add users

Please see the following documentation




Here is a sample from google on creating a user and adding it to sudoers and/or other groups


Thanks for the answer, Adolfo,

I think there is the user “cumulus”, but when login the switch tells me that the “method” of access is with the private key. Maybe has not enabled both authentications methods.

In the config I see : cumulus no password or anything else