High dpi support for Nsight

The icons under the menu for example are too small to be useful on a 4k.
Are there any plans to provide support for high dpi?
For years now the Nsight / Eclipse doesn’t have 4k / high dpi support.

I thought NVidia was a graphics card company hence things like 4k / high dpi support would be a priority.

Consider filing a request for enhancement with NVIDIA. To do so, use the bug reporting form linked from the registered developer website and prefix the synopsis with “RFE:” to mark the item as an enhancement request, rather than a report about a functional bug.

Instead of using the standalone Nsight EE (which is built against an older version of Eclipse), you should be able to install the Nsight EE plugin:


on the latest Eclipse Oxygen, which should have the high dpi support you mention.

Super! Thank you very much. You should advertise these plugins.