[HINT] Configure swap on Jetson TK1

I decided to make a small tutorial mainly targeted at newbies on how to use swap on this device.
It may be helpful to those who have higher RAM demands than Jetson can offer.

  1. You will need some storage (USB flash drive, SD card, SATA…)
  2. Install GParted from Software Center (Ignore the error after you authorize)
  3. Choose your drive in the top right corner
  4. Unmount the drive (right click on the partition bar)
  5. Resize partition (make about 512M-1G unallocated)
  6. Create swap by right clicking on unallocated space and creating ne partition option
  7. Type Disks in Dash and open Disks app. Choose your drive on which swap is and choose Swap partition. Press Play-looking button to mount.

Please tell me if this helped you

yes, it worked. I noticed that at reboot the swap-space was unmounted (Pres Play-looking was stopped), so i added this to the file /etc/fstab :

/dev/mmcblk1p2 none swap sw 0 0

Now after reboot the swap space is still mounted.
Thx MIFx!

Hi MiFx,

Good tips. I did a blog entry and a little video about this a little while ago: http://jetsonhacks.com/2014/10/04/creating-swapfile-ubuntu-nvidia-jetson-tk1/

If you’re using the Jetson for developing on board, the swap area is invaluable and makes the environment seem much more stable. That and the addition of a SSD, 3.0 USB drive, or hard drive are definitely the first additions I would make on the hardware if your serious about developing onboard the Jetson.

One recommendation, you would probably benefit by having a larger swap area. For 2GB main memory, 4GB swap is about right.

Great. thx.