jetson nano creat swap

l want to creat swap space on my jetson nano ,but l dont want to creat swap on my SD card. I try to creat swap on my usb flash disk but a few moment later ,the tempurture is to hot. What should I do ? I dont want to creat swap on SD card.

What temperature are you talking about…? Is that how you feel or observe from tegrastats?

sorry,I mean use usb flash disk may not suit for swap space.

English is not my Mother tongue,so …

I mean what is the device temperature? The jetson nano is hot? or the usb drive is hot?

tegrastats is a tool to measure the thermal of jetson nano.

Both the usb drive and 5V/4A power supply adapter,I think it may because the current is too large. My screen is also keep
blinking. Where shoud I creat swap space?I dont want to creat in my SD card.

The only external storages here are sdcard and your usb disk… There is nothing else that can help create more swap memory if you cannot use the usb drive.

How large did you allocate on your usb disk? Could you share the steps?

When I first set 15GB swap space,the system said just about4GB space could use(in fact,my usb drive is 16GB).So,I set 4GB,and is works. The following is commands I used.

cd (usb drive path)
mkdir /swap
cd /swap
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfile bs=1024 count=4000000
sudo mkswap -f swapfile
sudo swapon swapfile
sudo vim /etc/fstab
/swap/swapfile /swap swap defaults 0 0


Hi lhq2971929693,

We are using your #8 steps, but can’t reproduce issue.

nvidia@nvidia-desktop:/media/nvidia/cac8c45d-56ef-4c04-9bb4-744f1833154d$ sudo swapon --show
NAME                                                             TYPE        SIZE USED PRIO
/media/nvidia/cac8c45d-56ef-4c04-9bb4-744f1833154d/swap/swapfile file        3.8G   0B   -1

Please change others power supply adapter and try again. Thanks!