Holohub application build errors

I’m testing holohub applications( GitHub - nvidia-holoscan/holohub: Central repository for applications and operators for Holoscan)
in nvcr.io/nvidia/clara-holoscan/holoscan:v0.5.1-dgpu, on an IGX Orin-A6000.
the following operations are successful:
./run build
./run build endoscopy_tool_tracking
./run launch endoscopy_tool_tracking cpp
but an error came out while
./run build ultrasound_segmentation
did I miss something?

Hello, could you let us know a little bit more about your setup, such as whether you have the deployment stack installed, or Holopack installed, and which version? Could you please also confirm that your HoloHub repo is up to date?

If this isn’t the first time building in the repo, I’d also suggest trying removing the build directory and building again.

BTW in HoloHub the command ./run build should be building sample applications which include ultrasound_segmentation.

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