Horizon EUC client installation on TX2

Hi all,
May be the wrong forum but I am just looking into the capabilities of the TX2 as a possible thin client platform, leveraging the GPU for H264 decode and with a Linux or third-party based OS (likely Ubuntu). It’s early days but has anyone had experience with the VMware Horizon client install on this platform - there is a ARM client on the VMware portal but no sure on the practicalities of this.
Many thanks

I used TX2 as web Horizon client for GRID

This is interesting - I too use GRID (the VMs run a P6-4Q profile).

I guess you have enabled the feature allowing HTML access on your Horizon infrastructure - can you share some of your configuration details?

I can not share specific configuration details, but possibly other folks from the forum will be able to share more information regarding to the issue.
You may also approach GRID forum
However, it is very like NoVNC or Apache Guacamole, in my opinion.

Thank you for your comments. I ran this up using Horizon 7.4 and it worked although not very well. Using my native 4K monitor, performance was poor, which improved when dropping down to lower resolution. I also don’t see H264 decode using the web client. My thoughts are this is not a use case for the Jetson but at least it was good to try.