horizon 7.1 and h.264

I started this discussion, or more so of a cry for some advice lol.

My question is regarding horizon 7.1 and its decoding of h.264 files.
At my work place we are planning to deploy VDI enviroment for around 50 more users.

These users work in the media area and although they wont be editing and doing insane graphical work,
there will be quite a few playbacks and vieiwing of edited materials (h.264)

We are planning to hand the users thinclient w/win10, for horizon we will be using the Blast Extreme protocol for the said 50 users.
On the HW we are installing 1 or 2 NVIDIA GRID M10 GPU, (max 64-128 users per server)

With all that said, i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of thinclient will be most suited? (more so of what kind of iGPU is recommended)
The most they will be doing is desk work and the playback of h.264 files. Will a i5 be an overkill?

If anyone can indicate me to the right resources or any advice it would be more than appreciated.

Kind Regards

I’ve given you some options on your other post here in the vGPU section: