How can I add a picture on this?

How can I add a picture on this?
I have a pitcure on my computer,How can I add a picture on this?

If you click on the image icon in the upper right it should offer a chance to “upload new file” (I see you found the img tag, but looks like it didn’t find an actual image to put in the tag). If it fails perhaps it is in the wrong format. I know PNG is accepted, probably also JPG and GIF. Your local computer file system would of course also have to give permission to whoever is running the web browser to do the upload. What file format are you using?

What browser do you use linuxdev? When I hit the image button (on firefox) it spawns the two img tags, but doesn’t ask to upload anything. I always assumed people hosted it somewhere and linked to it.

I do know you can do an attachment, but only after you’ve made the post.

I use firefox…but my account might differ in how it behaves.

When I do this it uploads the image to a site which is part of the forums and puts a link in to that. I suppose the URL could be to anywhere, e.g., an image from wikipedia or pastebin.

The format is this (I had to alter it so it wouldn’t be treated literally):


I can not add a picture to display at there.

if I have one jpeg picture file,How can display at there?



Now is OK.

no it just write it doesn’t offer upload new file.

How did you do ?

If you look at the upper right hand corner of your post you will see a quote icon for quoting. Hover your mouse over this, and other icons will show up. The pencil icon is for editing, so click that. Then you will notice the icon of an image in the bar above the post on the right side. Click that…it should ask for an image to upload.

Not all image formats are allowed, and I’m not sure if alternate names like “.jpeg” work, whereas “.jpg” should work (lower case…not sure if upper case matters). So naming convention can matter, but it will tell you at the time of the post if the image name is not allowed.

The url tags work for internet addresses which point to an image. That’s the chain link icon.

Hello! Can you please let me know how do you paste an image in the “comment box”. When I follow the above procedure, it only provides an image tag ( ) but am unable to paste image between the tags. I can only attach the images but not paste it. Any help please?

You can use the [ img ] [ /img ] tags (remove spaces) to inline an externally-hosted image URL.

From what I can tell the img tag is being worked on. In the future it might work by uploading a file, but for the moment you have to do what @dusty_nv said and post an image uploaded to some other server.

I also want to upload an image onto the forum but still don’t know how …

After posting,I can find an attachment button on the top right hand. Just enough.

That works. Attaching a file means the end user uses an image application to view it. An actual “image” would simply display inline in the thread. The former works, the latter requires the image to be hosted somewhere else and then viewed here.