How can I get the datasheets of Tegra X2 , schematics and PCB layout of Drive PX2


We have bought Drive PX2 AUTOCHAUFFEUR and Autocruise. we need more details about hardware.

could you please help us to know how can we get the documents below.

  1. Datasheets of Tegra X2 include the Hardware and software detail descriptions.
  2. concept schematic and schematic and PCB layout files.


Dear ytdong,

As far as you know, DrivePX2 is a development platform mainly a SW dev platform.
Could you please let us know why would you need it? Thanks.

Dear, Steve

Thanks for your reply.

We are planning to design a board(ECU) which is optimized based on our current requirement.
we need to deleted some design we don’t want to use, and add some more device if we need.

As i know, when we start to study or design the hardware, we need these documents,
otherwise we can’t do anything, even though SW can develop on the Drive PX2 platform.



Are there CAD files (not pdf drawings) of the mechanical part & outer shape available?
It would help us integrating the DRIVE PX 2 FOR AUTOCHAUFFEUR into our system.

Thanks in advance,

Dear CMannaerts,

Sorry we can’t share DPX2 CAD files.
May I know about the reason/purpose? Thanks.

I am also looking for CAD files to allow us to find an optimum place for the drive px2 and do wire routing in our CAD model of the system.

Is there something you can share?

Dear vmahulka,

Sorry we can’t share DPX2 CAD files.
DPX2 is a dev platform – mainly a SW dev platform. Thanks.