How do I use Jetpack software?

guys I really need some help; what am I missing?? trying to start work on my CV/ Ai system but I have no clue how to run or even access VisionWorks, TensorRT etc?? I’ve flashed the default Ubuntu image file run driver updates and setup the system ready to start - but there is no instruction on how to run the CV software provided by Jetpack?? this is really delaying my progress, how do I access the full Jetpack services to start training my vision models?? many thanks

Hi @AGNT001, you can find the various SDK’s installed at the following locations on your Jetson:

  • Visionworks samples/demos

    • /usr/share/visionworks
    • /usr/share/visionworks-sfm
    • /usr/share/visionworks-tracking
  • TensorRT

    • /usr/src/tensorrt
  • Jetson Multimedia API

    • /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api
  • VPI

    • /opt/nvidia/vpi

To install popular frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, ROS, ect. check out the Jetson Zoo page:
We have containers for these to make it easier.

To get started learning about AI/ML, check out the Jetson AI Fundamentals, which is comprised of these tutorials:

You can also check out a bunch of cool open-source projects on the Jetson Community Projects page. Good luck and have fun!

Thank you!! this is exactly what I was looking for much appreciated; that said, this info should be visible on the ‘Getting started’ Or ‘Jetpack SDK’ page, assuming the Jetson Dev kit is marketed toward new developers - it’s pretty misguided and missing how to find/ use the included SDK additions,

cheers again, time to get learning ha

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