Is Jetpack needed for installing tensorflow and opencv on Jetson Nano

Hi there,

I have a jetson Nano which I falshed the microSD card with image and logged into Ubuntu.
I would like to run a python sample code to run SSD object detection from usb camera feed which uses tensorflow and openCV.

This link is suggesting a tensorflow version for Jetson Nano:

Do I need to install Jetpack before installing tensorflow?

And if yes, how should I do that?
I tried to follow the pdf of “JETSON NANO DEVELOPER KIT” which suggests to install SDK Manager, but the link redirects to

where it suggests to go for downloading image and following the getting started guide which is original point for “JETSON NANO DEVELOPER KIT”!? and it is a closed loop?!

Please advise how can I do this If I need to?


Instructions 1 (Download/Run):
Instructions 2 (Install Software to Jetson):

Note: JetPack is superceded by SDK Manager. SDKM installs to a Linux host PC. One can uncheck flash and uncheck install of tools to the host PC, and just install packages to the Jetson.