How does host code in .cu get compiled/linked

On my first attempt on nmodifying one of the examples in the 4.0 SDK (marchingCubes),
using VS2008 on Win7, running into problems with host code in .cu.

The given example has host code in the .cu, necessarily, I think, because it references texture references declared therein.

Example builds and runs fine. I add another host function to the .cu, very analogous to functions already existing the example, and it shows up as an unresolved external in the linking.
Then I modify my new function so that it’s syntactically incorrect and shouldn’t even compile. Get the same result, no mention of compilation problems or results, and, naturally the same unresolved external on linking.

What am I missing? How is host code in the .cu steered to the MS compiler? How do you find the results of those compilations. How do you search down such linking problems



Take a look at my comments in the following thread to see whether it applies to your linking issue: