How many USB 2.0 root hubs (i.e. host controllers) on Jetson TX2?

This was answered for USB 3.0 Root Hub in another topic, but need to know how many USB 2.0 Root Hubs are available.

Please refer to

We have three pairs B39 B40, A38 A39, B42 B43.

Here is the basis behind the question, I need two root hubs. One needs to be dedicated and not shared with any other HUBs or ports. The second root HUB will be branched and shared with other ports.
The reason for this is to make sure my targeted USB2.0 device connects directly to a root HUB. This is required so that particular USB2.0 device is assured it gets the full port bandwidth and is not shared with other ports. Other less important USB2.0 devices can work from a different root hub that can be branched.

Are each of the data pairs you mentioned coming off its own individual USB2.0 root HUB?


Does that mean I can get full USB2.0 bandwidth on each of the three data pairs you listed?