How may I dump the full/relative path of the source files corresponding to the source page?

Hi, I run Nsight Compute on a remote cluster. I pull the files to a local machine to analyze them.

  1. Is there a way to specify relative path to the application code in Nisght Compute, such that it will automatically pick up the source files relevant to the source page?

  2. Is there a way to extract the full path of the source files profiled corresponding to the SASS code in the source and SASS page?

Hi, @asterix_obelix

You can “Resolve” your source path. Details refer

Resolving the path upon loading the profile works only if you know the exact path of the source code. I am referring to any option in the profiler that can output the full path of the source code as part of the profiling.

Hi, @asterix_obelix

As you are doing remote profile, please check if below option can help you load the source file directly.

I am not doing remote profiling. I am running the code on a remote cluster using the command line, and copying the report to a local computer to view it.

Hi, @asterix_obelix

You can add “–import-source yes” when generating the report. Then you can see the source page even in another machine.

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