Suggestion for nsight compute

NCU has good command line supports. And NCU-UI has the page to show source code related information. That page is really helpful when I do optimizations.

However, the command line argument --page arg doesn’t support for source page. Could you please add such function?

Since my server only got one port for ssh login, there are no extra ports to support NCU remote running. In such case, I can not get NCU source page.

We are looking into adding source page support to the CLI, too. However, I don’t have a specific deadline for this, yet. As an alternative, you can collect the report on your remote system, and transfer it to your host where you can inspect it using the UI. You can copy your sources over for local resolution, too. In the next version of the tool, you will be able to import the sources permanently into the report, so the will be available more easily in the UI, no matter where the report is opened.

You can copy your sources over for local resolution, too.

I have tried to run ncu on server, and copy the report file to local. When I use ncu-ui to open the report file, the source page shows file not found error. I copied the cuda source files into the same folder with report file. But doesn’t work.

The report file doesn’t contain cuda source files. So where should I copy the cuda source files to?

The location of the source files on the host system is up to you, but you need to point ncu-ui to them using the Resolve functionality

After selecting a source file, click the appearing Resolve button to point to its location on the file system. If the files are in the same relative layout as originally, they will all be resolved together. If not, you need to manually resolve all of them.

Thanks, it works.