How to add new sink bin?

i works on jetson xavier nx box with deepstream6.1.1, and jetpack 5.0.2 version.
now i want to add a new sink bin at deepstream_sink_bin.c file, then i link that after nvosd tee at deepstream-app’s pipline.
could you advice how to finish that? i didn’t find right place to put the sink bin…
or i have to make a new sink_tee?
pls give some advice.

thank you very much!

my new sink bin is similar with udpsink.bin.
and i would like to know transform is same function with nvvideoconvert?

thank you very much!

if i added the new sink_bin,
it shows error when i run pipline:

** ERROR: <add_and_link_broker_sink:804>: add_and_link_broker_sink failed; broker added without analytics; check config file

pls give some advice for the problem,
thank you very much!

We suggest you write a bin file separately, you can refer our source code: