How to adjust the bandwidth of USB?

I connect two 3D cameras to tx1, but the data cannot be acquired. When I reduce the resolution of depth data, the two cameras can run in the same time. I search the problem, and finding that maybe I should adjust the upper bandwidth of usb, but I don’t know how to do it. Anyone knows how? Thanks very much!

Please share how you connect the two cameras to devkit. Do you use gstreamer or MM APIs?

You may also want to maximize performance before testing (if the Jetson is set for energy saving instead of performance you’ll probably end up frustrated). See:

There is also “sudo /home/ubuntu/” for this purpose. Options are “–show”, "–store ", and "–restore " (default filename is listed as “/home/ubuntu/l4t_dfs.conf”).

Additionally, in case you run into USB autosuspend, one way to disable this is to add this to the APPEND key/value pair in extlinux.conf (it’s just a kernel parameter using this method…sometimes things will start out working and then fail…it won’t be obvious that the Jetson has decided to save energy):