How to build a custom v4l2 driver as a module in 24.1

Dear all,

I spent some days on this issue but look like the menuconfig in this release is so complicated. I want to build my own v4l2 driver (same as OV5693) so I tried to modify the .config file, then I got imx135_v4l2.ko (this is my module) and tegra_camera module.

As I understand, the tegra_camera will use vi2_probe function to call to v4l2 driver probe. But I can not link vi2_probe to my own v4l2 driver, if I define CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA_PLATFORM it will link to virtual hardware, if I didn’t define CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA_PLATFORM nothing happen.


Suggest to move to r24.2 to follow the document from below link and reference to the “Sensor Driver Programming Guide” chapter to bring up your sensor.

Check the V4L2 chapter in the L4T Documentation that you can download from Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

I would suggest you to move to media controller in R24.2. If you are using soc_camera, when loading the modules are you running similar steps to these? Toshiba TC358743 Linux driver for Jetson TX1 - RidgeRun Developer Connection

Do you see the module mounted after running lsmod?

Hi DavidSoto,

After many modifications, I can insmod my own custom camera module on R24.1. I will move to R24.2 soon.


Hi, that is great. We had some problems related to framerate in the past when using soc_camera, that is why I recommend media controller. Good job getting it working